COSS Token Contract

On this page you can interact with the COSS token contract at .

The COSS token is an ERC223 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain by the Singapore based COSS cryptocurrency exchange. COSS shares 50% of their exchange fees with the COSS token holders. The more COSS you hold, the bigger your part of the fees and the higher your payouts.

To receive the payouts you hold your COSS tokens in your wallet on the exchange, or you keep them safe in your own private Ethereum wallet. For this second option you need to link your Ethereum address with your COSS account on the exchange by setting your fee split allocation identifier in the smart contract. You can do this below.

Set Fee Split Allocation Identifier

Here you can set your fee split allocation identifier to receive payouts for your COSS on an external wallet. Make sure you are logged in with your wallet (with MetaMask or your preferred Ethereum browser) containing COSS and click the "Connect" button to start. After connecting, the box below will show your address, COSS balance and identifier if it is already set.

Address:    <address>
Balance:    0 COSS
Identifier: None

Now login to your COSS account and visit your Fee Split Allocation page. Copy your "Token Based Fee Split Allocation identifier" and paste it below. An example identifier looks like:

Finally, after double-checking your identifier and address, click on the "Set Identifier" button to make the transaction.

Old ERC20 Contract

The COSS token was first issued as an ERC20 token at address 0x65292EeadF1426Cd2dF1C4793a3d7519f253913b. It was later forked to become an ERC223 token at the contract address at the top of this page. Make sure you don't buy these old tokens or interact with the old contract, as they have been abandoned.